Grokids Circus Playcentre (GSS-20120)


  • Model:GSS-20120
  • Unit Size:38 x 20 x 14.5
  • Safety Usage Zone:42 x 22
  • Age Group:6 – 12 Years
  • Platform Height:None

No. of Components

  • 1. Animal Shaped Roof : 1Pc.
    2. Conical Shaped Roof : 1Pc.
    3. U Shaped Roof : 1Pc.
    4. Tunnel Slider : 3’Ht. 1Pc.
    5. Spiral Slider : 5’Ht. 1Pc.
    6. Double Slider with Entrance : 3’Ht. 1Pc.
    7. Single Slider : 3’Ht. 1Pc.
    8. MS Perforated Sq. Deck : 4Pcs.
    9. MS Bridge : 2Pcs.
    10. MS Swing Set 2 Seater : 1Pc.
    All plastic parts are Roto Moulded.
    The Sizes mentioned are approximate.

Circus Playcenter’s characteristics
aids in children’s physical development and is made of premium raw materials

Recognized for a superior finish
robust and durable design
weather- and water-resistant

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Kids adore Circus Playcentre because of its straightforward layout and construction. The kids’ enjoyment and safety are our top priorities while designing and delivering play equipment at Grokids. In playgrounds and schools, it is most popular. Many of our consumers in Mumbai would rather have this outdoor play equipment installed, which includes U, conical, and animal-shaped roofs. For growing kids, the Swing Set 2 Seater and lovely sliders that come with this set provide the ideal fun.



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