Grokids Fun N Slide Playcentre (GSS-20110)


  • Model:GSS-20110
  • Unit Size:16 x 19 x 14.5
  • Safety Usage Zone:20 x 23
  • Age Group:6 – 12 Years
  • Platform Height:None

No. of Components

  • 1. Animal Shaped Roof : 1Pc.
    2. Flower : 1Pc.
    3. Spiral Slider : 5’Ht 1Pc.
    4. Double Slider with Entrance : 3’Ht 1Pc.
    5. Panel : 2Pcs.
    6. MS Perforated Sq. Deck : 3Pcs.
    7. MS Box Ladder : 1Pc.
    8. MS Swing Set 2 Seater : 1Pc.
    All plastic parts are Roto Moulded.
    The Sizes mentioned are approximate.

The Fun N Slide Playcenter’s features
Adequate and secure for children
ideal for playgrounds and schools
Simple to setup and maintain
Recognized for its structural robustness
Kids should be encouraged to participate in activities

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Grokids created the enjoyable N Slide Playcenter to meet the enjoyable needs of developing children. It promotes kids’ activities and aids in their mental and physical growth. The Fun N Slide Playcenter is equipped with several slides, swings, and other essential components and is available at a reasonable price. We have designed and delivered this play equipment to many clients in Mumbai thus far.

The Fun N Slide Playcenter is the ideal addition to your area. Kids will have a great time swinging and sliding during their free time. In Mumbai, this Grokids by Manoj Stores play equipment is the finest deal around. You can place an online order to have the item delivered to your home. The Fun N Slide Playcenter is renowned for its robustness and longevity. Because of its strength, the structure won’t crumble under the weight of the kids. In comparison to its contemporaries, it is more resilient to weather and has a longer lifespan.


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