Grokids Jumbo Kidie Land Playcentre (GPS-15604)

Jumbo Kidie Land Playcenter’s characteristics
available in vivid, bright colors
esteemed for having perfect design and finish

has a smooth exterior.

renowned for exceptional quality and robustness

Fair prices

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Browse our catalog to discover Jumbo Kidie Land Playcentre available in a variety of hues and designs. These Play School Play equipments in Mumbai are ideal for children aged three to six. They are placed in kindergartens, play schools, playgrounds, and parks to promote children’s activities. This open-air Play School Playcentre features a tube tunnel, UFo Roof, small ladders, and a slide. The kid’s sizes listed are approximations.

Grokids’ Jumbo Kidie Land Playcentre Suppliers at Manoj Stores are renowned for their excellent construction and finish. Our molding machines form the Play School play centers’ designs and eliminate any sharp edges that could injure children. Get in touch with us right now in India to purchase the Jumbo Kidie Land Playcenter, which can pique young children’s curiosity.


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