Grokids Jumbo Spring Rider (GKR-11413)

Jumbo Spring Rider’s stable configuration and additional comfort features
ideal for parks and gardens
extended life of operation
Reasonable cost range
Under warranty coverage

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The exquisitely created Jumbo Spring Rider by Grokids is the ideal plaything for young children. The sturdy plastic structure, bolstered by a coil spring, ensures that your children are having a good time. These aid in the children’s overall development and are utilized by schools in the playground. These are installed in parks as well. Due to its appealing attributes, Mumbai residents also favor having it installed in their gardens.

We have installed numerous animal riders in different parts of Mumbai up to this point. When designing and manufacturing these playthings, children’s safety is the top priority. Because of how long-lasting they are, kids love these. These animal riders are manufactured using the highest caliber raw materials. Jumbo Spring Rider by Grokids is available at Manoj Stored today with long-lasting life in addition to the most competitive prices.


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