Grokids Step N Swing Maxi Centre (GSS-20102)


  • Model:GSS-20102
  • Unit Size:17 x 9 x 11
  • Safety Usage Zone:20 x 12
  • Age Group:6 – 12 Years
  • Platform Height:None

No. of Components

  • 1. Animal Shaped Roof : 1Pc.
    2. Double Slider with Entrance : 3’Ht. 1Pc.
    3. Panel : 2Pcs.
    4. MS Perforated Sq. Deck : 1Pc.
    5. Ms Box Ladder : 1Pc.
    6. MS Swing Set 2 Seater : 1Pc.
    7. MS Step Hopper : 1Pc.
    All plastic parts are Roto Moulded.
    The Sizes mentioned are approximate.

The Step N Swing Maxi Center’s features
has a charming design robust, stout, and long-lasting

crafted with premium components

robust construction

minimal upkeep needs

ideal in any weather

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Grokids’ Step N Swing Maxi Centre is a purposefully designed and constructed activity center. Children can improve their strength, flexibility, and physical coordination in this play area. It fosters their social and emotional growth while offering entertainment and pleasure. Among this playcenter’s main attractions are the animal-shaped roof, the double slide, and the two-seater swing set. This play center is well-liked in Mumbai because of its fantastic features and exquisite design. Playgrounds, parks, and schools all have these installed.

Grokids’ Step N Swing Maxi Centre is manufactured from high-quality raw materials and is intended for usage by children. This play equipment can be enjoyed by several kids at once. Along with enjoying all the other activities, they can swing and slide. Located in India, we sell a variety of toys and play equipment for outdoor use. Every piece of play equipment we have is sturdy and impervious to weather and other environmental factors.


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