Grokids Stepper (GIS-12038)

Characteristics of a Stepper
Excellent method of burning calories
composed of sturdy PVC
Ideal for all levels of fitness and simple to install.
Last for a long time

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Grokids offers a wide selection of Stepper play equipment because of our vast knowledge and experience with park series play equipment. This park series equipment can support a range of weights and is designed for optimal exercise. It might fulfill the desire of everyone searching for aerobic steps in the morning to burn calories and tone their lower body. This equipment is very popular in Mumbai’s parks and playgrounds..

These long-lasting, strong steps are made of sturdy PVC. This Grokids play equipment is ideal for individuals of all fitness levels because it was designed by skilled professionals using the highest quality materials. Steppers provide a number of advantages. It enhances lung function and blood circulation. Additionally, it improves joint flexibility and gives one a constant sense of energy. Exercises for building strength, such as lunges and pushups, are performed with the apparatus. Because of their fantastic qualities, our clients strongly desire these steppers. Currently, Stepper is manufactured and supplied by Grokids in India utilizing the highest caliber raw materials. It provides the best possible fitness gains when working out!


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