Grokids Tree House Playcentre (GSS-16103)


  • Model:GSS-16103
  • Unit Size:20.5 x 20.5 x 14 ft
  • Safety Usage Zone:23 X 23 ft
  • Age Group:6 – 12 Years
  • Platform Height:None

No. of Components

  • 1. HUT Shaped Roof : 2Pcs.
    2. Single Curved Roof : 1Pcs.
    3. Part Slider : 5’Ht. 2Pcs.
    4. Single Slider : 5’Ht.1Pcs.
    5. Flower : 1 Pcs.
    6 .Panel : 4 Pcs
    7. MS Perforated Square Deck : 4 Pcs.
    8. Ms Bridge : 1Pcs.
    9. Ms Box Ladder : 1Pcs.
    10. Ms Step Ladder : 1 Pcs.
    11. Leaf : 1 Pcs.
    All plastic parts are Roto Moulded.
    The Sizes mentioned are approx

Tree House Playcentre’s features
exquisite structure and design
withstand weathering and the effects of the climate
Simple to setup and maintain
Totally kid-safe
robust and long-lasting

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Kids can enjoy themselves much with the lovely outdoor playground equipment at the Tree House Playcentre! Grokids at Manoj Stores has this chic hard plastic-framed adventure playground set that includes wave sliders, a connecting bridge, and a little Treehouse. For younger schoolchildren, the Tree House Playcenter is fantastic. It provides all you need for a morning or afternoon activity, including a large play structure.It is still in demand in Mumbai’s playgrounds, schools, and parks.



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