Grokids Arm & Shoulder Wheel (GOF-17147)


Arm and Shoulder Wheel Features
Simple Setup
dependable design
Simple to use, low maintenance, and extremely robust
The nominal cost

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One of the most popular playthings in Mumbai is the Arm & Shoulder Wheel, available at Manoj Stores. Grokids’ outdoor play equipment aids in toning and stretching muscles for improved physical health. It is frequently installed in playgrounds and parks. With the use of contemporary processes, Arm & Shoulder Wheels are produced under the careful supervision of skilled professionals utilizing the highest quality components. The goods being supplied is being offered at a marginal price.

These days, Manoj Stores offers a variety of outdoor open gym equipment in addition to Arm & Shoulder Wheels. We have a Triple Twister, Double Twister Standing, Horse Rider, Seated Puller, Chest Press, and a few additional pieces of equipment on our site. They have a long useful life and are resistant to weathering.


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