Grokids Town House Maxi (GSS-19201)


  • Model:GSS-19201
  • Unit Size:31 X 23.7 X 13 ft.
  • Safety Usage Zone:34.5 X 27 ft.
  • Age Group:6 – 12 Years
  • Platform Height:None

No. of Components

  • 1. UFO Roof : 2Pcs.
    2. Single UFO Roof : 2Pcs.
    3. Tunnel Slider : 5’Ht. 1Pcs.
    4. Single Slider : 5’Ht. 2Pcs.
    5. MS Net Climber : 1 Pcs.
    6. MS Perforated Square Deck : 5Pcs.
    7. Ms Box Ladder : 1Pcs.
    8. Ms Step Ladder : 1 Pcs.
    9. Panel : 6 Pcs.
    10. Ms Swing Set 2 Seater : 1 Pcs.
    All plastic parts are Roto Moulded.
    The Sizes mentioned are approx.

The Multi-Max Playzone’s features
Perfect for kids aged six to twelve
resistant to abrasion and corrosion
ideal for playgrounds and parks
available in enticing color combinations
both cozy and robust
Both weather-resistant and weatherproof

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One of the leading providers of Multi-Max Play zones is the Grokids Manoj Store located in Mumbai. This outdoor play equipment is perfect for playgrounds and amusement parks, and it can be used by children of all ages. Multi-Max Playzones, which are made from the highest-quality raw materials, can support the weight of growing children. There is everything in this playzone to keep kids interested. This play equipment has both a double slide and a spiral slide. This play equipment’s beauty is further enhanced by its curved roof and leaf and flower-shaped components. Kids will adore having fun and sliding across the tunnel bridge. The play zone is accompanied by two additional attractions: a Net Climber and a Swing Set 2 Seater.



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