Grokids Triple Twister (GOF-17142)

Triple Twister Gym Equipment Advantages
gives your body a renewed sense of vitality
increases the waist joints’ suppleness
enhances lung function
aids in fat burning and lowers obesity

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One of the most popular types of outdoor open gym equipment for playgrounds and parks is the Triple Twister Gym. This exercise equipment improves the flexibility and agility of the waist and shapes the body by strengthening the hips and waist. Triple Twister Gym Equipment is a great addition to any park or playground and is advised for all age groups. We have placed this equipment throughout Mumbai, being a provider of commercial gym equipment.

One of the first companies in India and a top provider of open gym equipment is Manoj Stores. Our Mumbai-based company deliver top-notch machinery that has the potential to improve society’s health. Using only the best raw materials, our Triple Twister Gym is incredibly strong and long-lasting. These devices can withstand any harsh weather conditions.


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