Grokids Outdoor Fitness Cycle (GOF-17143)


Cycle Gym Equipment Features
Simple to keep and clean
incredibly robust
ideal for playgrounds and parks
High capacity to support a load

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One of Mumbai’s most well-known suppliers of fashionable open gym equipment is Manoj Stores. With years of experience, our staff takes additional care to create durable, user-friendly exercise equipment. We include a seat linked with our cycle gym equipment. The building is sturdy enough to support an exerciser’s weight and endure frequent outside use in any weather. It is durable and composed of high-quality materials. The needs of the community’s health-conscious residents were taken into consideration throughout construction.

We have been successful in meeting the needs of our prestigious clientele by providing high-quality cycle gym equipment because of our solid industry experience. The product that is being offered in Mumbai works well in parks, playgrounds, and gardens. Our cycle gym equipment is lightweight, simple to assemble, minimal maintenance, and resistant to weathering and associated phenomena.


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