LFO MPS 01 Multiplay Station

Equipment size : L-11.66 x W-8.33 x H – 10.66FT
Safe playarea : L-15 x W -11.66 Ft

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environmentally friendly goods and kid-safe play areas.
Competitive pricing and the ability to play with more kids at once
Directive 2009/48/EC, the safety guideline for toys, is focused on security.

Kids have greater fun and will play repeatedly when there is fashion and warm design.

superior material, newly made plastic LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene), powder-coated steel and iron pipes that are both inside and outside. PVC- or powder-coated steel decking, stainless screws.

strong, long-lasting, and resistant to UV rays for outdoor use.

UV resistance, anti-static, anti-skid, anti-fade, and anti-crack properties.


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