Wild Whirlpool Water Table™


With the Wild Whirlpool Water Table, it’s time to enter the splash zone! Water table features a tower that creates a water vortex as water is poured through, use either the provided boat or scoop to create the water tornado to power the water spinner! Scoop can also be used to capture the six sea creatures (included). Table also includes a rotating octopus that creates a whirlpool effect!

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Wild Whirlpool Water Table™

Get ready to enter the splash zone with this Step2 Water Table. This water table is perfect for active imaginations that enjoy outdoor adventures. Multiple children can splash around in the water together while developing their fine motor and sensory skills as they use the fun water table accessories. Create a whirlpool of excitement in your own backyard with this unique water table for kids!

  • Water tower connects to the activity table and creates a vortex when water is added
  • Water spinner entertains children as they watch it go round and round when water is put into to the funnel
  • Scoop water into the teetering boat for extra splash-worthy fun
  • Rotating octopus can be spun to create a whirlpool effect
  • Six sea creatures can be captured with the scooper and sent down the funnel back into the water
  • Holds up to four gallons (15 L) of water
  • Parents will appreciate the drain plug for quick clean-up
  • 10 water table accessories included
Weight4.88 kg
Dimensions80 × 80 × 72.2 cm





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